Software Testing is not a Choice

Don’t let your users hate your software because of the slip through the cracks. With Zuci, you can catch all the bugs, identify UX issues, and work with a competent testing team that helps you ship world-class software.

Why take Quality Personally?

According to the 2018-19 Capgemini World Quality Report, innovation in testing lags at many organizations—with 43% of respondents saying that their testing process is “too slow” to keep pace with deployment. You might have the top-notch design and development team, but if your testing team lacks the skills and speed to meet the requirements, you will still lose the customers. If you do not take Quality personally than your customers will.

Full testing cycle

With Zuci, you gain access to the best practices in test case design, test automation, and Test execution—Smoke testing, integration testing, regression testing, pre-production testing, production deployment testing, user acceptance testing. Our reporting and analysis are exhaustive for you to make the right decisions.

Here’s how Testing as a Service (TaaS) makes your life easier

With TaaS, you can track, prioritize, and solve all software bugs from one place. As it is a cloud-based delivery model, enterprises and small companies don’t have to bother themselves with tools, testing frameworks, testing infrastructure, and hiring the testing talent. This will help your development team deliver faster, more superior products.

Do more with Zuci

Whereas most organizations deploy multiple tools to test user experience, functional requirements, data services, and integration services. Zuci delivers a single platform for testing and covers the full range of functional and non-functional test requirements.

Centralized Test Repository

A single repository houses all testing assets: plans, cases, scripts, data, results. Users can leverage test libraries, templates, and scripts developed across the Zuci platform. As the content library grows, you will see more value from the platform.

Stay informed with notifications

Get notifications for essential test results and be alerted for critical issues in the product.

Dual Power with AI & Humans

Using AI and machine learning to automate UI testing and API testing, along with humans working on the complex test scenarios, helps you gain 100% coverage in the least time possible.